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First Post

July 27, 20181 min read

Welcome to my blog! This is the first post on this new homepage I wrote and styled myself. It’s JavaScript from head to heel using GatsbyJS as static-site generator and styled-components for the design and layout. The latter relies heavily on CSS grid, by the way.

In case you’re thinking about switching your own site to GatsbyJS and the JAMstack, I can definitely recommend it. It was an incredibly enjoyable learning and collaboration experience. Yes, GatsbyJS is open-source, has an awesome team of maintainers allowing you to contribute your own code and ideas to the project anytime you like.


At this point I’ve pretty run out of things to say. And admittedly, this post is mostly for testing purposes anyway. Let’s see if I’ll actually find the time to put real content here. Let alone something on my mind worth writing about.

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