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Two-Loop Hyperoptimization

November 23, 20184 min read

I recently started using Scikit-Optimize (or skopt for short) to run Bayesian optimization on the hyperparameters of a bunch of fully-connected neural networks. Overall, it’s a very helpful tool! The hyperparameters I optimized are the number of dense layers the optimizer’s learning rate the…

Masonry Layout with CSS Grid

November 14, 20183 min read

Back in early January, Wes Bos asked Rachel Andrew the excellent question if CSS grid could be used to produce a masonry layout (think Pinterest). Turns out the spec doesn’t support it. Makes sense if you think about. A proper masonry layout doesn’t have rows and without rows, it’s not a grid…

Custom search with Algolia in Gatsby

November 02, 201811 min read

In this post I’ll explain how to setup Algolia search on a Gatsby site. You can see the result in action by clicking on the loupe in the top right corner of this page. First, you’ll need to add gatsby-plugin-algolia and react-instantsearch-dom to your project. With react-instantsearch…

Brave new world

July 27, 20181 min read

Welcome to my new blog! Gone is my former WordPress site at janosh-riebesell.com. This is the first post on a new site I created myself. It’s JavaScript from head to heel using the amazing site generator Gatsby and styled-components for the design and layout. The latter relies heavily on the…

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